Adult Appointments

Adult Appointment Process

The adult appointment process begins when an adult decides they would like to volunteer as a member of Scouting.

Details may be captured on an Adult Application (AA) Form before being entered into Compass. Entering details into Compass allows the process to be automated and allows for the District Appointments Secretary to be alerted of a new applicant automatically.

Depending on the role applied for, the applicant may be invited to attend an Appointments Advisory Committee meeting. The AAC meeting is designed to ensure the applicant is aware of the responsibilities of the role they are taking on, make sure they understand and accept the values and policies of the Association and to discuss their suitability for the role.

Although the order of these steps may differ, the steps below depict the process which is normally followed:

Line Manager:

  • Completes an Adult Application Form
  • Enters information into Compass
  • Starts Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) process
  • Requests references from Referees (required for adults new to Scouting/District)


  • Arranges Appointments Advisory Committee (AAC) Meeting
  • Invites Applicant to attend AAC Meeting
  • Makes recommendation of appointment to District Commissioner
  • Awards Provisional Appointment

Next steps

  • Getting Started Training – To be completed within 5 months
  • Presentation of Appointment Certificate!

Not all of these steps are appropriate for all roles, to find out about the appointments requirements of a certain role click HERE.

The forms and other useful resources may be found in the links at the bottom of this page.

Review Process

Most people work better if they have, from time to time, the opportunity to discuss how they are doing and where they are going.

A review in Scouting is simply an opportunity to look at what has happened since someone started their role, or since their last review, and to see what further support and guidance they might need.

A formal review takes place at the end of an appointment, and an agreement is made over whether the individual’s appointment should be renewed, whether they should take on a different role, or whether they will retire.

You can download an Adult Review (AR) Form from the links at the bottom of this page.